Shope Delano 

Brand Strategist, Founder. London, UK


Shope Delano 

Brand Strategist, Founder. London, UK
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Kind Regards

A luxury womenswear brand for the Creative Class.  We design multi-wear garments and champion The Blended Wardrobe.
Perceived World 

A collective of creatives that research and build immersive brand worlds, fuelled by rich customer research, culture-first positioning and creatively challenging campaigns.

SDE Studio 

Brand strategist, marketer.

8+ years as a brand strategist and hands-on marketer who has worked for and with investment funds, consumer brands, technology startups, and culture companies. 

Worked for and with: Drover, Charlie Oscar Group, Forward Partners, Catch Rhys, Heights, OJA, Nike

Internet Life

I ran a fashion blog in the early noughties, aged 15 to 21, pre ‘creator economy’, peak WordPress. There is some horrifying evidence of it lurking on Google Images. It profoundly shaped me, though. And my work.